A tale of love and religious fervor gone awry. After Brahmin Shridaman and his close friend and servant Nanda accidentally happen upon the beautiful Sita bathing in the river, Shridaman falls hopelessly in love. He instructs Nanda to approach her at a later time and introduce him to her. After a lovely courtship, the two are soon wed, although with Nanda having feelings for Sita of his own that he keeps hidden. 

     Sometime later, the trio are walking past a ruined temple of the goddess Kali. Overcome with awe and religious fervor, he offers himself as a sacrifice to her, cutting his own head off with his sword. Nanda soon enters the temple looking for him and discovers the gruesome scene. Overwhelmed with grief, he takes the sword and cuts off his own head as well in order to be with his master in the afterlife. Finally, Sita discovers them both, and feeling guilty for her unsaid attraction to Nanda, prepares to hang herself in the temple, when the goddess Kali calls out to her. She chastises Sita for her stupidity, and promises her that all of this damage can be undone: all she must do is replace the heads back onto the correct bodies. Sita, with great fear and panic, rushes over and accidentally attaches the wrong head to the wrong body. Irreversibly ‘transposed”, the men are brought back to life, and after the initial shock and confusion, the question becomes: who is the rightful husband to Sita?


  • Rafael Helbig-Kostka as Shridaman
  • TBA as Nanda
  • Etelka Sellei as Sita

Based on the novella by Thomas Mann

Music by Peggy Granville-Hicks