Die Polnische hochzeit

Musiktheater Linz, 2019

Der Held der Geschichte ist Graf Boleslav Zagorsky: Rafael Helbig-Kostka, ein herrlicher, mitunter wirklich stahlender lyrischer Tenor mit Schmelz, aber ohne Schmalz in der Stimme und mit einer guten Portion an komischem Talent.
—, März 2019
Rafael Helbig-Kostka brilliert in der Richard Tauber zugedachten
— OÖNachrichten, März 2019
The hero of the story is Count Boleslav Zagorsky. Sung by Rafael Helbig-Kostka, he possesses a superb and radiant tenor voice with just enough sentimentality, and also a good amount of comedic talent.
—, March 2019
Rafael Helbig-Kostka shines in the role originally written for Richard Tauber
— OÖNachrichten, March 2019

The Transposed Heads

MusikTheater Linz, 2018

Shridamann ist der lyrische Tenor Rafael Helbig-Kostka: schön timbrierte, helle, sauber geführte, bewegliche Stimme, erzeugt beachtlichen Druck ohne hörbare Anstrengung auch in den Höhen. Sein Spiel ist von feinem Humor geprägt.
—, November 2018
Shridamann is sung by the lyric tenor Rafael Helbig-Kostka: with a beautifully timbred, bright, cleanly lead and flexible voice, he produced considerable power without any audible tension, notably in his high range as well. His portrayal was informed by a refined sense of comedic timing.
—, November 2018


Musiktheater Linz, 2018

Rafael Helbig-Kostka fand – ein kluger Kniff – vom anfänglich Leisen zum schön satten Volumen, je näher er Mia kam.
— OberÖsterreiche Nachrichten, Oktober 2018
Rafael Helbig-Kostka as Simon cleverly builds his voice from a quiet beginning to a beautiful, saturated sound, growing in equal measure alongside Simon’s developing relationship with Mia.
— The Upper Austria News, October 2018

The Cunning little vixen

New England Conservatory, 2016

Rafael Helbig-Kostka was a prim Schoolmaster clad in academic robes, and whose character-determined inhibitions happily did not extend to his fluid, lustrous tenor.
— Kate Stringer, the Boston Music Intelligencer


Iphigénie En Tauride

new england conservatory, 2015

Rafael [Helbig-Kostka] (tenor) as Pylades was simply marvelous with a lean, smooth sound that soared above the strings in his Act II aria.
— Laura Stanfield Prichard, The Boston Music Intelligencer

Cosí fan tutte

New England conservatory, 2015

As Ferrando, tenor Rafael [Helbig-Kostka] was the vocal standout: his honeyed tones and sophisticated Italianate command evoked the era of Gigli and Martinelli, most movingly in “Un’aura amorosa.” He is a man to be watched.
— Lee Eiseman, publisher; The Boston Music Intelligencer

Marriage of Figaro

Opera Theater Pittsburgh, 2015

“Rafael Helbig-Kostka brought a
[charming] quality to Basilio.”
— Mark Kanny, Pittsburgh Tribune
“...Rafael Helbig-Kostka... made the best of [his] vocal and acting opportunities, and rounded out a well-balanced and talented cast.”
— George Parous, The Pittsburgh Stage


Opera Theater Pittsburgh, 2015

“Julia Fox and Rafael Helbig-Kostka sang the difficult Italian duet splendidly.”
— Robert Croan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette